Things I Should Teach My Son, Part V

By Camilo on December 28, 2015 0 Comments

Private property. It sounds so good, so right, so true. It’s so dang important that it was written into that old document about our Rights (no, not that one; I mean this one, which is much better.) But when we talk about rights, we usually perceive them to be only about a benefit to us; … Continue Reading


Things I Should Teach My Son IV

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So you want to be a pilot. That’s great. It is a superb profession. I’ll give you an anecdote. I start with the worst thing that happened to me in aviation: getting laid off from my airline job in 2003. To pay the bills I sold health insurance. I got my license, started making cold … Continue Reading


Things I Should Teach My Son III

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As I age, it’s becoming more interesting to watch my sons’ trials, especially comparing their reactions to mine. Here’s one: a painful social situation that gives rise to a temptation to remonstrate with a former friend or acquaintance. In the short run, giving in to the temptation feels good. But in the long run, it’s … Continue Reading


Ab Initio Pilot Training in America

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JetBlue has requested authorization to launch an ab initio pilot training program in the United States. I’ve written about ab initio training before (see here, here and here.) The main difference between this proposal and the European practice is that JetBlue will send their candidates out to fly at a smaller airline until they get … Continue Reading


Things I Should Teach My Son II

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Usually advice is too general. The previous post, Pay Yourself Second, was a good example. It promoted the idea that a young person should save regularly but didn’t show how. You could set up automatic distributions, from your paycheck, to a savings account in a bank ($100 per paycheck when starting out) to build up … Continue Reading


Things I Should Teach My Son

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My oldest son is in college. He is studying engineering. His first semester was unremarkable; we were surprised how quickly he took to social life there, but not much because his university attracts young people exactly like him – on the serious side, but with some sense of humor. Not a party school. But that … Continue Reading