Is the United States Christian?

By Camilo on April 29, 2015 0 Comments

There are many Christians in the United States, so the knee-jerk obvious answer to¬† this question is “yes.” However, I did not by the modifier “Christian” refer to the percentage of the people claiming to be Christian in our country. I refer to something different. See Connecticut’s Fundamental Orders, agreed to in 1639. They specifically refer to Jesus Christ and the Gospel; it’s a small example, but it shows that the leaders of that community were willing use the Bible as their rule of faith and life. The modifier in this case means, “Is the civil government self-consciously acting as a ministry of Jesus Christ?” Note: I did not write, “Is the civil government self-consciously acting as a ministry of God?” A Christian who affirms the divinity of Christ would not sense a difference; but there is a difference to the non-believer.

In every endeavor the people involved in it must refer to a source of law; a court of final appeal. This place, person or thing is the lawgiver and should really be viewed as the god of that endeavor. Even atheists have a god, a court of final appeal (man’s reason). What is the court of final appeal, the lawgiver, the god of the U.S. Constitution? Why, the People! we_the_people More to the point, it is the People’s will to which the U.S. Constitution appeals as its god. This is an idol, pure and simple.

Seriously, do the following exercise: click through here, press Ctl-F (which opens up a search window in your browser), and search for Jesus in the U.S. Constitution. You won’t find Him there.

While more could be written about this (such as: how to interpret the will of the People), the problem with a nation using an idol as its court of final appeal is that you can’t really depend on it to: 1) provide good laws, and, even if it could, 2) remain in this state of virtue. The interpreted “People” is a fallible and changeable construct.

That is why Christians ought to view American society, and especially the American state, as non-Christian.

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