I’d Vote for Webb

By Camilo on May 1, 2015 0 Comments

Good article by Robert Tracinski at theFederalist.com about the primary candidacy of former Virginia Senator James Webb, a Marine Vietnam war veteran who served as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. He also wrote some good books, notably Fields of Fire and A Sense of Honor.

Webb would destroy any chickenhawk panty-waist fatass that the Republicans are likely to nominate. None of the major Republican candidates has any military experience, but they’re all pro-war. This is the definition of a chickenhawk. It’s despicable. Jim Webb has actually fought and knows what war is like; he would have the credibility to stand up to the Military Industrial Complex, say “No,” and make it stick.

Some of my conservative Navy Classmates are becoming more vocal about supporting him; I think chickenhawk weariness is growing.

You can tell he has a careful ethos about using the military; read his novel Something to Die For.

He probably won’t win the Democratic nomination. That’s sad. He’d win.


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