The Republican Establishment Hates Liberty

By Camilo on May 5, 2015 0 Comments

It’s hard to get more “establishment” than the highest ranking Republican officeholder in the U.S., Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. He and Sen. Richard Burr (also, of course, a Republican) are attempting to reauthorize the section of the Patriot Act that the government uses as a legal fiction to unconstitutionally spy on the phone calls and emails of ordinary Americans (by storing “metadata”). This section is to expire on June 1st. They want to reauthorize it through 2020. It will be interesting to see how many Republicans support this ongoing violation of the 4th amendment.

Note: I know I’ve written that the constitution is non-Christian; however, the Bill of Rights is one of the few things we have left against the continued arrogation of power by the Feds. I believe the Bill of Rights ought to be viewed as the “noble pagan” portion of the otherwise plain old pagan constitution.

Note: Also, I’ve been dumping on Republicans a lot, even though I’d style myself a quasi-libertarian conservative and should try to support them. My animus against the Republicans stems from disappointment; for a long time I bought their sales pitch only to discover later that how manipulative they really are. Also, I think they’re riper for reform than that other party.

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