Pence FTW

By Camilo on April 3, 2020 0 Comments

This presidential election is not just about four more years of President Trump, it’s about 8 years of President Mike Pence starting in 2025. He would be 65 at his inauguration, after having spent 8 years as apprentice President under Trump, who gives the Veep a serious portfolio. As the point man for the Federal government’s response to COVID-19, VPOTUS has earned very high marks from many governors (including Democratic governors) for his collaborative work, detailed knowledge, and his very un-Trump-like tone. He’s done this while elevating the President. It was Pence who brought back the daily briefings which have been reassuring to the people, and which have raised Trump’s poll numbers. Trump himself has been more serious and composed than usual. Mike Pence’s performance – combining his aggressive pursuit of solutions without stealing thunder or spotlight from Trump, while subtly nudging his boss to adopt a gentler tone – is remarkable. He’s the 800-lb. gorilla in the 2024 Republican presidential primary.

I already have Pence’s running mate picked out – Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida. He’s very popular in his state and can probably win it – for the ticket! – in the 2024 general election. These two are Christian, pro-life, solid on judges (the most important long-term effect of any presidential administration), competent, experienced and willing to extend and consolidate the Trumpian revolution in government (which will only happen in case of a second term). They should send me a check for all this great advice.

Taking the House back is more important, and here in Virginia’s 7th district, Republicans have scheduled their primary (to pick their candidate to oppose incumbent Abigail Spanberger) for June 9th.  The current state Executive Order has Virginia more or less locked down until June 10th, unless a primary election is deemed “essential.” Spanberger has a massive fundraising advantage. This is a traditional benefit of incumbency, and to win this seat back, the Republican National Committee is going to have to chunk in a hefty amount. Here’s the breakdown as of 12/31/2019 from

Looks like Tina Ramirez is a spendthrift. She’s toast. It will probably come down to Freitas vs. McGuire, and my gut feeling is that the candidate least frightening to Chesterfield County suburban Moms (what a place we’re in today, that this cohort swings elections, but nevermind) will have the best chance against Spanberger. Her biggest advantage isn’t her fundraising, it’s the fact that she is female – this gets her plenty of those suburban Moms.

COVID-19 stats.

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