Let’s Talk Masks

By Camilo on April 4, 2020 0 Comments

The Washington Post reports that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may change its recommendation against widespread face covering by the public. I refer to the practice as “face covering” because that’s what they are likely to call it, to keep more robust types of masks (N95s) available for health care workers. Indeed, “… the recommendation under consideration calls for using do-it-yourself cloth coverings …” 

I wonder if they’ll adduce information available when they first advised against this practice. Your tax money at work!

Anyway, get a cloth and rubberband to make your own:

That might be too feminine. Here’s a bandana option:

I really like how that bandana was made in China! How topical.

Eventually we’re going to see people wearing DIY masks and making fashion statements with them: colors and patterns, perhaps words and memes. A white mask will soon be seen as a facial whitey-tighty – embarassing and old fashioned.

Good article here on Notice how many recommendations from Hong Kongese health experts derives from their experience with SARS in 2003. They have a lot of communication with mainland China, so one would think they’d be very harshly exposed to CCP CoronaVirus. As of this writing, only 4 deaths:

Hong Kong: Land of Paranoid Mask Wearers or Just Smart People?

It’s time to start wearing masks, especially in densely crowded, hard-hit cities.

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