Great Crosswing Landings Video – Terrible Video Title

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The first landing shows a good example of the wing-down, top rudder technique, even though the downwind gear touches first. The last landing looks like a fully crabbed landing without any of the crosswind heading taken out at touchdown, which is hard on the landing gear. Some of these pilots go around, probably because they … Continue Reading

Sycamore Presbyterian Church Friday Men's Bible Study, Theology

Psalm 3 Study

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Sycamore Presbyterian Church Friday Men’s Bible Study Psalm 3 (see notes) Question 1. Give a name to each of the following sermon sections: verses 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8. What progression do you see through each section? How does the last section give us “tests” by which we can tell we have “triumphed” over suffering,


The Republican Establishment Hates Liberty

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It’s hard to get more “establishment” than the highest ranking Republican officeholder in the U.S., Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. He and Sen. Richard Burr (also, of course, a Republican) are attempting to reauthorize the section of the Patriot Act that the government uses as a legal fiction to unconstitutionally spy on the phone calls … Continue Reading


Why Christians Should Stop Voting for Republicans

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Each of the two major political parties has its bases: the groups of people that provide support to its candidates either via money (the corporate base) or votes (the electoral base). For the Republicans, the corporate base is heavily influenced by the military industrial complex (MIC). The Republican electoral base is profoundly influenced by evangelical Christians. The … Continue Reading


I’d Vote for Webb

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Good article by Robert Tracinski at about the primary candidacy of former Virginia Senator James Webb, a Marine Vietnam war veteran who served as Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy. He also wrote some good books, notably Fields of Fire and A Sense of Honor. Webb would destroy any chickenhawk panty-waist fatass that the … Continue Reading


In Praise of Dan John

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Dan John is fitness guru. He is also a genius teacher. I say this not because he is the most credentialed, good-looking, accomplished, best-selling this or that. He may embody some of these things, but I have a different reason to praise him this way. I claim that he’s a genius teacher because he reduces fitness complexity to simplicity, … Continue Reading


Is the United States Christian?

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There are many Christians in the United States, so the knee-jerk obvious answer to  this question is “yes.” However, I did not by the modifier “Christian” refer to the percentage of the people claiming to be Christian in our country. I refer to something different. See Connecticut’s Fundamental Orders, agreed to in 1639. They specifically … Continue Reading